Awaken To Your Greatest Truth: LOVE

 Let me help you connect to Divine love and guidance,
and dive deep into your heart to heal, gain clarity and
experience greater peace, self-acceptance and freedom in your life.

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Do you really want to get to know your Angels?

Would you like to be able to recognise signs from your Angels?

Are you ready to understand the difference between your fear / ego and your Angel’s messages?

Do you want to know how to work with the Angels to raise your vibration and change your life?

It’s completely free some come along and join us!

I can show you how. I have been experiencing the Angels for 20 years and while it is incredible special to feel their presence, we ALL can!

And if you already connect with them, I’ve come to understand that we can always continue to learn and deepen our relationship with them.

For all these reasons, I am excited to invite you to join me for 5 days from January 27th – 31st, where I’ll be sharing live daily broadcasts in a Facebook group to help you open up your natural connection to the Angels and their loving guidance and support.

“*** SPECIAL YEAR Readings for 2020!***”

Available to purchase from now until end of January

* Get clarity, guidance and inspiration about the energy for each month of your new year from January 2020 onwards. 

* Receive messages about your love life, family, career, well-being or anything else important to you in the coming year

* Enjoy an audio recording of the session (available on Zoom or Skype sessions) that you can refer back to during the year.

* Feel supported in opening up to all the blessings available to you in 2020 and the new decade!

All purchases made by December 30th 2019 will include a BONUS GIFT Archangel Jeremiel meditation to help you review your life, heal and be open to miracles!

1 hour session £99 (approximately $US 129)

Meet Anna

Hello Beautiful Soul,

As an Angel Therapist®, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Speaker and Singer, I am dedicated to holding a space in my heart for women like you to dive deeper into their own.

That big, sensitive heart that feels everything. So much that you often feel drained and overwhelmed; like you don’t fit in and wonder what on Earth you are doing here on this crazy, intense planet.

The thing is, you aren’t meant to fit in, you were born to stand out.

You know that. Your soul knows that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now.

I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and unloveable. I know that life can be challenging and steeped in mystery but I also know that mystery can bring great change and joy and beauty.

I believe in you. And I am here to guide you as you awaken you to the amazing truth of who you are: a Divine being having a human experience who is here to embrace it all.

I invite you, not only to take a look around my website, but to say YES to your powerful, soulful, heart-centred life!

I look forward to connecting more with you.

1-2-1 Sessions & Mentoring

A unique opportunity to receive personal guidance, support and energetic healing from the Angels and the Divine Feminine.

Courses & Workshops

Join Anna as she guides and shares her knowledge to help you to grow and expand in your own connection to yourself, and the Angels.

Anna's Music

Music has always been an integral part of my life. It has comforted me through everything – like a constant, faithful and life-long friend.
Anna's Angel Academy

Feel connected to your Angels every day!

Here’s your personal invitation to join my Angel Academy

Messages of Love


“Anna Grace Taylor is an amazing intuitive, spiritual guide, and a very gifted channel to the angelic realm.  Her loving nature puts you immediately in a calm and peaceful state so that messages from the Divine can come through.  I would recommend Anna to anyone seeking answers to life’s big questions as well as those looking for messages from their angels.”

~ Radleigh Valentine, Hay House Author and Speaker.

“Anna Grace Taylor is the most connected, personification of love I have ever met. She has known pain, yet has prevailed; she has known struggle but has found strength; she has found limitation, yet never fears to look beyond. She is the awakener of souls, the break-opener of hearts, the shatterer of beliefs. You cannot be in her presence or have a session with her, without being touched by the love of All That Is. I’m so blessed to have her in my world.”

~ Cat Knott. Transformational Mentor, Writer & Speaker.


Are you ready to listen to LOVE?

I am here to support you as you awaken you to the amazing truth of who you are: a Divine being having a human experience who is here to embrace it all.

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