January 16, 2013

Exchanging Pain for Peace

It’s been an intense few days, I must admit. I’ve not slept very well, because my body has been less than comfortable and the not sleeping […]
December 12, 2012

Revelation at the Gym

Yesterday, at the gym, while I was very aware of my body ‘just not doing what I wanted it to do!’ I suddenly felt the presence […]
December 7, 2012

Angelic Holiday Help

If there’s any time of year where more people are reminded of Angels, it’s at Christmas! They are everywhere – on cards, in carols and nativity […]
November 26, 2012

Dear Dreams…

This is actually a message I wrote back in 2009, when I was dreaming of making my album. Just a few months later, I had the […]
November 16, 2012


Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I actually spent the afternoon collaborating on a new song, something I have done very little of […]
October 11, 2012

That’s What Friends Are For

It’s no coincidence that the dear friend I talked to on the phone today, also just posted a blog about friendship. When I called, I hadn’t […]
September 24, 2012

Thirty One Things I’ve Learned

As my 32nd birthday approaches, I felt inspired to list 31 things I’ve learned or been reminded of this year. I must admit to being a […]
September 3, 2012

This Way Or That Way?

It’s been on my mind the last few days. Choice, I mean. We have so many choices available to us, which for a Libra like me, […]
August 16, 2012

I Surrender

(Note: Today, I began writing about Surrender, only to find a piece I had written a couple of years ago, expressing my almost identical feelings about […]