“Holding a space in my heart for you to dive deeper into your own.” ~ Anna Grace Taylor

For almost 20 years I’ve held a loving space for people’s transformation – helping women (and some men!) to connect to Divine love and guidance, and dive deep into their hearts so that they can heal, gain clarity and experience greater peace, self-acceptance and freedom in their lives.

My own journey began with an unexpected, traumatic — and miraculous — arrival. My twin sister and I were born 11 weeks prematurely weighing a tiny 2lbs each and doctors told my parents they’d do all they could to save us.

We spent the first 3 months of our lives in hospital gaining strength and all seemed well, until my parents noticed at 18 months old that I was not attempting to walk or even crawl. Doctors called me a ‘lazy’ baby but it was not long before I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting both my legs.

Walking was a challenge – I took my first independent steps at 6 years old, and as a teenager I was told that without major surgery I would be confined to a wheelchair by the time I was 30.

I learned through countless weeks, months and years, of ‘not doing anything’, of not achieving anything anyone deemed as ’successful’, that nothing outside of me is the source of my happiness, worthiness or purpose; that nothing external can define me or make me feel any more or less than anyone else – unless I let it.”

It was then that my life was turned upside down. After surgery, I learned to walk twice more and my general mobility improved. However, my sensitive body was very affected by the stress and multiple anaesthesia and my health crashed.

I was exhausted and pain every day for almost a decade. At my worst, having a shower was a huge effort, and I had no social life at all, let alone any education. I felt betrayed by my own body and at times didn’t know if I’d survive such a barrage of symptoms, or the emotional impact of losing the life I once knew.

While I would never want to repeat those experiences, it was in my search for comfort and relief when the medical profession could not help me, that I delved into alternative therapies and began to remember my inherent spirituality and the gifts of being a highly sensitive person. While my sister and friends were at university, I was having conversations about energy, synchronicities and the Angelic realm.

My conversations turned into profound experiences and in 2001, after a particularly challenging time I saw an Angel. The love I felt was indescribable and profound.

In 2003, I took an Angel Therapy Practitioner Course, later followed by Theta Healing courses, and a couple of other energy techniques I still use today. But my formal learning has never been as powerful as my own experience and what I’ve learned most over the years is to trust my own connection.

I realised I’d been using my intuition all my life. I’d walk into a room and feel the energy, and when talking to people I somehow knew what they were going through. It seemed as if my own obvious challenges drew people to me who needed to feel supported whatever they were experiencing.

The fact that people feel safe enough to share their hearts with me remains my greatest honour.

My pain means understand what it’s like to feel unwell, lost, anxious and unloveable. I know that life can be challenging and steeped in mystery but I also know that mystery can bring great change and joy and beauty.

Both the extraordinary (and ordinary!) experiences I’ve had have also brought me the realisation, as Mooji says, that ‘life is tailor-made for our awakening’ and that as we embrace it all, we can rise above the stories, the limitations and complications and be met with the simple, amazing truth of our Divine nature.

I cannot tell you exactly what I do – I am not your average healer or mentor. But I can say that my motivation, my purpose, my reason for being, begins and ends in love.

Whatever medium or form of communication I use, my superpower lives in helping you remember the love that YOU  are.

I am not here to fix you – you are already perfect.

I am not here to tell you what to do, but to give you guidance, to shine a light towards your own joy; to remind you that you are never alone and entirely loveable just as you are in this very moment.

I invite you to say YES to your powerful, soulful, heart-centered life!

I am here to support you as you awaken you to the beautiful truth of who you are: a Divine being having a human experience who is here to embrace it all

Media Bio


Anna Grace Taylor is an Angel Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Author, Singer, and host of the podcast Love and a Cup of Tea who has been featured on BBC Radio and Hay House Radio.

Using her natural intuitive gifts, developed by years of training and experience, Anna connects with Divine love and guidance to support people with all aspects of life and often acts as a catalyst for transformation for people all over the world.

Born eleven weeks prematurely and with Cerebral Palsy, Anna took her first independent steps at the age of six and learned to walk twice more following major surgery and long term illness in her teens.

Sound and song therapy played an integral part in Anna’s recovery, and her innate love of singing inspired her to dream of recording her own CD. Her debut album Already Here was released after months of co-writing via email, and was made possible thanks to the generosity of hundreds of friends and supporters.

Anna, whose voice has been likened to Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan, has since performed for international audiences, and released another track called ‘You Saved Me’, co-written with Jo Beth Young.

Currently living in England, she is a loving and compassionate woman with a remarkable ability to empathise and communicate – sharing her Daily Messages of Grace and Weekly Angel Reading videos with millions of people on social media.

Her best-selling book ‘Messages of Grace ~ 111 Notes of Love and Guidance from Your Angels’ is available now on Amazon.

You can find these and more about Anna Grace Taylor’s private sessions and events, including her Angel Academy membership community www.annagracetaylor.cominstagram.com/annagracetaylors : facebook.com/annataylormusicangel : youtube.com/annagracetaylors

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