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Hello Beautiful Souls

We’ve dealt with so much uncertainty in the last year or so and none of us know what life will bring from one day to the next. But what I know for sure is that it can be much easier to manage when we feel supported and listened to; if we are shown love and hope, and given some simple, powerful spiritual practises to empower us while totally honouring our human experience. 

I feel the best way I can support you now is to invite you to my Angel Academy, my monthly membership group.

In July our focus will be Numerology.

I’ll be joined by lovely Jo Soley who will be sharing all about the power of Numerology.

Jo will connect you to the energies of the numbers by showing you how they affect us on a daily basis, share what numerology is and isn’t,  and will show you how to calculate your life path number so that you can harness the energy in your life and business.

We’ll be LIVE in our private Facebook group on July 6th and 28th where Jo will be sharing more about numerology and answering your questions!

If you’d like to be part of these live sessions, and receive all of July’s content including a brand new meditation from me and the Angels, sign up below! I’d love to share with you!

I LOVE the Angels. I love sharing them and the beautiful love that is within and around us at all times. When we come together with others with the same intention… oohhh the magic we can experience in our lives.

We’ll be diving deep into our connection with the Angels and Archangels and how they can help us; we’ll learn, we’ll heal, we’ll gain confidence, and receive great comfort from sharing with an amazing group of humans!

In the Angel Academy, you’ll receive brand-new monthly content including:

* A monthly focus and Angelic Affirmation

* Live Group Angel Readings and Spiritual mentoring from me

* New guided meditations

* Monthly *Members Only* Angel Messages for your astrological sign

* Monthly group energy sessions

* Exclusive discounts on private sessions

* A supportive, like-minded community where you can ask questions, share your experiences and have fun!

I am offering this to you for just £15 / approx. US$19 a month.

There is no obligation and you can cancel your membership at any time.

I'd love you to share with you!

I am here to support you as you awaken you to the beautiful truth of who you are: a Divine being having a human experience who is here to embrace it all