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Hello Beautiful Souls

There’s something really beautiful about gathering together with a community of like-minded people and sharing the Angels. It’s one of my absolute favourite things about what I do. But with so many of my followers and clients all over the world, I can only see a few of you in person.

That’s why my Angel Academy membership group was created – to bring you hope, inspiration, guidance and share the spiritual practises I use to help me feel connected to myself and the Angels.
I’m so proud that many are already receiving this and more in the Angel Academy. And I invite you to join us, too!
Feeling more connected to the Angels and Divine helpers, changed my life and I want to help you change yours. When we come together with others with the same intention… oohhh the magic we can experience in our lives.
When you join the Angel Academy, you’ll get me as a personal guide every month where you can enjoy our Angelic content at your own pace.

This month we’ll be focused on connecting with the beloved, powerful ARCHANGEL MICHAEL!

He is one of my favourite Archangels. He is my friend and helped me transform my life from pain to power!

When I was first introduced to the healing power of Archangel Michael back in 2003, I had been sick for years and I knew he could help me.

Within days of working with him, I slept through the night for the first time in 18 months.

I learned how to keep my energy clear and strong and use my sensitivity as my super power.

Archangel Michael the reason I can do what I do, today and I can’t wait to share more about him with you this month!

I’ll be be LIVE in our private Facebook group giving Angel messages and answering your questions on May 13th!

And then again on May 22nd for our Group Energy Session. 

If you’d like to be part of these live sessions, learn more about how Archangel Michael can help you and receive all of May’s Angelic content,  click the button below to join the Angel Academy!

We learn. We heal. We gain clarity. We feel more confident and receive great comfort from each other. 

When you join the Angel Academy, you’ll receive:

* A monthly theme and Angelic Affirmation

*A brand new guided meditation

* Angel messages for each astrological sign
 * Spiritual mentoring from me and other guest teachers in our private Facebook group

* Live  Q & A sessions, healings and Angel Readings

* Access to a supportive, like-minded community where you can ask questions, share your experiences and have fun!

Whether you’re new to the Angels and your spirituality or have had a life-long connection, the Angel Academy is for you.

The Angel Academy is also for you if:

* You want to experience meaningful and lasting changes in your life
*You are ready to release old habits and feel freer, happier and more peaceful
*You want to feel supported by me and a loving community
*You want to enjoy a deeper relationships with yourself, others and your Angels.

I am offering this to you for just £15 / approx. US$19 a month.

There is no obligation and you can cancel your membership at any time.

I am here for you as your mentor and guide.

Feel more connected to yourself and your Angels

Anna's Angel Academy has been the answer to my prayers. 
I was already working with my Angels and asked them to guide me in a better direction, And there I saw Anna’s beautiful face. I started to follow her and  when she created the Angel Academy I knew I had to join. 

We are a loving no judgment group of like-minded people. I love that we have each other when we need extra support. 

I truly enjoy learning from her and all the amazing guests that share with us their special gifts.  Debra, USA

Anna Grace Taylor is a heart-centred, intuitive and source of inspiration and love. 
I have been following her work for several years, also completing her Angelic Connection Course. Therefore, when I heard about the Angel Academy, I jumped at the opportunity to join!

If you’re looking for a wonderful community, where there is so much love, care, guidance and support, this is the place to be.
No matter what I'm experiencing generally in life and along my angelic journey, this private, safe and peaceful group gives me the space to express myself fully with no judgement.

Anna's monthly content from bespoke meditations to Angel messages to affirmations to FB lives (Q&As & special guests), have empowered me to embrace the fullness of love and life, through having a beautiful, deep relationship with myself and with the Angels.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Angel Academy for anyone seeking to enrich their life by connecting with the Angels. It's made such a powerful difference to mine and it will to yours, too! Even if the Angelic journey is new to you, the Angel Academy is an amazing place to begin. It feels like home and you won't look back!  Teresha Young, Relationship Master Coach, England


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