The Angelic Connection Course
with Anna Grace Taylor

“Learn how to connect and communicate with your Angels to heal and support yourself and others.”

This Live Online Course Begins : Wednesday May 26th 2021

Whoever you are, wherever you are, there’s been a LOT to navigate this past year, hasn’t there?

I’ve heard from many of you who have been feeling disconnected and burnt out.
It’s hard enough when your own circumstances change hugely but when everyone around you is also dealing with their own stress and there are a multitude of different experiences and opinions flying around, it can be overwhelming to feel so much.

On one hand, you want to know what’s going on and yet, the external noise only adds to the chaos. And before you know we don’t even know how you feel anymore. 

I hear you. I’ve been there. I had Covid and felt it all. Fear. Anger. Sadness. Loneliness. Anxiety. I cried and cried. But then, before I knew it with the the help of my spiritual ‘toolbox’ and the innate practice I’d developed over time, I came back to Self. To what I knew deep inside. I plugged back into my own energy and to that familiar voice. The voice of love. The voice of the Angels. 
Let me put it this way: it’s like charging your mobile (cell) phone. When it’s plugged into the mains it works. It is connected. The battery cannot drain not matter what is happening. 
So while circumstances continue to shift in an increasingly noisy world, it’s more important than ever to plug in, to come back to home to yourself, to what it is you intrinsically know, so you can feel:
more stability and resilience. 
more confidence 
more peace. 
And I want to help you do that. 

That’s why I feel it is more than important than ever to offer my Angelic Connection Course again.

This course is for you if you’d love to:

  • Tap into your power and unlock your intuitive gifts.
  • Learn powerful ways to deepen your relationship with your Angels.
  • Clear your energy and raise your vibration through regular spiritual practise.
  • Work with the Angels to receive clear guidance for yourself and others.


Starting May 26th,  I invite you to to take a 6 week journey with me and your Angels, where I’ll teach you how to feel more connected to them, how to communicate with them, and be part of a loving community who want to learn, too!

I found Anna’s online Angelic Connection Course so informative and personally rewarding. There is a lot of info and personal contact via live Q&As, I learned a huge amount, within a small friendly online group. Great value for money! I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about angels and connecting with them. ~ Jen

You’ll receive:

Over 4 hours of video and audio content as well as access to a Facebook group where I will share additional written and video content, weekly live Q & A sessions and give live reading demonstrations.

The 6 week course includes:


Who Are the Angels?

Meet your Guardian Angels and some of the powerful Archangels, and learn how they can help you in your daily life.

Communicate with the Angels

Learn about and open up the 4 Clairs, your natural intuitive gifts. Recognise how the Angels talk to you – including in signs and Angel Numbers.

Practice week

An opportunity to practice and build confidence with what you’ve already learned and experienced, ask me questions and share with other class members in a private Facebook group.

Energetic Self-Care with the Angels

Learn powerful healing techniques to release fears and blocks, balance your chakras, and manage your energy.

Using Angel Cards

Work with Angel Cards as an amazing tool to receive their beautiful messages. Bring cards and your other intuitive skills together to give clear, specific readings to yourself and others.

‘Review’ week

Receive extra suggestions and tips from me in the private Facebook group, practice giving readings, and hone your connection that will support you for the rest of your life.

It has been SUCH a joy for me to teach this course and it touches my heart to hear the wonderful feedback from those who’ve already taken it.

What People Say...

I have learnt a lot of things thanks to you such as how to actually connect with angels, how to communicate with them, how to clear and protect my energy, how to ask for help and more. Most importantly I have learnt that it is enough just to be me and how to love myself more. I love your meditations and classes, Anna. I find them very inspirational and uplifting. I feel like I am coming home.


I found Anna’s online Angelic Connection Course so informative and personally rewarding. There is a lot of info and personal contact via live Q&As, I learned a huge amount, within a small, friendly online group. Great value for money! I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about angels and connecting with them.


Since attending her Angelic Connection Course, Anna has provided me with the skills and confidence I need to move forward. There has been a massive change in me and I feel so much more empowered to follow my true path. Her teaching has made a huge difference to my life already. I know others could argue that it was just a course but sometimes, something small can be the catalyst for big change in a person’s life. I highly recommend this course to anybody who is wanting to connect with the Angels and share the love and support they offer.


I invite you to say YES to this course, and to communication with your Angels

I am here to support you as you awaken you to the beautiful truth of who you are, and the truth that the Angels are waiting to connect with you!

You might be reading all this and be wondering:

What if I am in a different time zone to Anna? No worries, you’ll be able to learn from the content at any time of the day that suits you. I’ll also be sharing in a Facebook group at different times of the day and all that will be available to read and watch at any time.

I am not good with technology. Will I be able to manage? Yes, all you need is access to You Tube to watch the videos and Facebook to join the live sessions and enjoy the extra content.

I am quite shy and introverted. Is that OK? Yes, this course can be done totally privately in the comfort of your own space and it’s not necessary to share anything with anyone else if you don’t want to.

I have a busy schedule. What if I can’t do the course immediately? While it may be most beneficial to follow the content step by step, once you purchase the course, you’ll have access to the course content for as long as you want it!

Can I pay installments? Yes, there is a 2-payment option available.

Everyone else is is more connected to Angels than me. NOT TRUE! We are ALL equally connected to Divine love and guidance at all times. Our ego will always try to separate us from others and make us doubt but we are powerful, intuitive beings and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HAVE ANGELS who want to help us – we just have to ask, listen and practice listening!

I was extremely impressed with how content rich and interactive the course was! The course material was easy to follow and inspiring. Also, as you could do it at your own pace, it allowed me to fully understand and absorb the information without time pressures. Anna added immense value by providing personal in-depth interaction in her Facebook group for the course, which is such a special touch, as often courses can be automated with no interaction.

I completed the course with much more clarity and confidence in how to connect and work more deeply with the Angels and with a greater insight on how I can make this a part of my daily practice. The course has radically enriched my life and has helped greatly with my angelic journey, by showing me how I can live and serve with purpose in a way that also serves me, my joy, my happiness and my freedom!

Anna is a fantastic, knowledgeable mentor and I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to transform their lives through having a beautiful, deep relationship with themselves and with the Angels.

Thank you Anna and the Angels for providing such a wonderful, life-altering course!” ~ Teresha

This course is NOT for you if...

* You want to stay stuck and disconnected.

* You don’t believe in Angels.

* You aren’t willing to commit to your spiritual and personal growth.

* You don’t want step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

* You aren’t willing to practice, practice, practice and trust, trust, trust.

This course IS for you if...

* You are ready to deepen your connection with your Angels and how they can help you and others.

* You want to learn how to give Angel Card Readings.

* You want to connect with me and other like-minded people around the world as you learn.

* You enjoy learning online in your own home.

* You want to feel clearer, calmer, more confident.

* You want to turn your sensitivity into your superpower.

You’ll know if this course is right for you. Trust your gut. Believe in yourself and your own intuitive abilities. The Angels are waiting to connect with you and I am excited to share this journey with you!


Join me on this 6 week course to Connect with the Angels

This Live Online Course Begins : Wednesday May 26th 2021

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    You can choose to pay in ONE SINGLE PAYMENT of £125 or TWO PAYMENTS OF £62.50

    I'm very excited to be working with you to Connect with your Angels,
    Love, Anna

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The Angels are waiting to connect with you!